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Developer is the core driving force in IoT innovation. MXCHIP has teamed up with global partners such as Microsoft to provide IoT developers with concise, full-featured, and strong scalable development tools that make IoT innovations ubiquitous.



It is an intelligent, out-of-the-box smart hardware solution for developers, which can be used for IoT and intelligent hardware prototype development.The kit is simple and easy to use, enabling developers to more easily implement 'end-cloud integration' on the device side, cloud platform and mobile phone side.

Novice beginners, developers, and experienced experts can create an IoT product with the power of MXKit.

An IoT development kits based on the Azure platform jointly developed by MXCHIP and the Microsoft Development Platform Division.

The development kit provides an out-of-the-box smart hardware solution that is compatible with the Arduino platform. With rich peripherals and sensors, it can be used for prototype development of IoT and intelligent hardware, which is convenient for verifying users' software and functions, enabling products to connect to Azure cloud service platform and mobile phone quickly and securely, shortening development cycle and helping the product quickly reach the market.

A wireless module development board for the MXCHIP EMW3080 based on AT firmware and instructions.

The standard Arduino interface provides fast wireless Wi-Fi communication for traditional device master MCUs (such as ST, TI, Microchip, etc.) and supports peripheral debugging based on the Arduino interface. In addition, the AT firmware is built into the EMW3080, which supports the 'General AT Command' and 'Directly Connected Cloud AT Command' modes.

With the AT command directly connected to the cloud, it can be quickly and securely connected directly to the Alibaba Cloud Ilop Cloud Platform, the Gome Cloud Platform and other cloud platforms.



MXKit Series Development Kit

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