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Intelligent Security
Industrial automation
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EMW3080 is a cost-effective embedded Wi-Fi module released by MXCHIP with high integrating ARM CM4F, WLAN MAC/Baseband/RF. Maximum frequency 133MHz with 256KB SRAM and 2M FLASH. Power supply is DC 3.3V. Installation modes are LGA SMT and Pin Connection. Peripheral: 2xUART / 1x SPI /2x I2C / 6x PWM / Up to 13 GPIOs. EMW3080 operates MiCO 3.0 IoT operating system, supporting Micoder 1.0 development system. Provide fast, stable and secure end-to-end cloud links to users with integrate TCP/IP protocol stack, various security encryption algorithm, intelligent cloud such as MXCHIP easylink/Alink 1.1/Joinlink 3.0/Hilink/One Net/Gome/Suning, oversea cloud such as AWS/Ayla/Azure/IBM Watson/Google/Apple Homekit. EMW3080 (A): Provide security encryption chip to the integrity and legality and cloud communication safety of client firmware. EMW3080 (B): Abundant peripherals and memory to supply most application and multi-cloud requirement.

Detailed parameters



  Support 802.11b/g/n,  integrate ARM-CM4F, WLAN MAC/Baseband/RF


  Working Voltage: DC 3.0-3.6V

  Maximum transmission rate up to 72.2 Mbps with 20 MHz bandwidth.

  Maximum transmission rate up to 150 Mbps with 40 MHz bandwidth.

  EMW3080B is standard module;EMW3080A has hardware encryption. Improve the security level of Cloud connection and firmware protection. Security level in accordance with CC EAL5+ AVA_VAN5 

  EMW3080(A) Hardware Encryption Features

   Encrypt firmware of clients to prevent cracking

   Digital signature is used in firmware to ensure integrity and legality, preventing being tampering or replaced in OTA.

   Automatically generate private key to save the certificate issued from the cloud, the cloud can identify the legality of the device to prevent illegal, counterfeit, non-secure accessing.

   Prevent hackers to obtain sensitive data and code

Wi-Fi Features:

   Support 802.11b/g/n,HT-40

   Support Station, Soft AP, Station+Soft AP

   Support EasyLink,Alink,Joinlink

   Antenna: PCB or IPX (Optional)


   2x UART

   2x I2C

   1x SPI

   1x SWD

   6x PWM

   Up to 13GPIOs

Operating Temperature:

  -20℃ to +85℃

Selection table:

Hardware architecture:

File Download


DS0069EN_EMW3080AB_V1.3.pdf 2017-08-22


EMW3080 CE.pdf 2017-05-26
EMW3080-FCC.pdf 2017-05-26
EMW3080-REACH-test-result.PDF 2017-05-26
EMW3080-ROHS.PDF 2017-05-26