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EMW3165 is one embedded Wi-Fi module designed by MXCHIP of low-power, small-size and low-cost. It integrates one Cortex-M4 microcontroller of 128Kbytes RAM and 512Kbytes on-chip flash with another 2Mbytes on-board SPI flash added. Various peripheral interfaces of analog and digital are available. The power supply voltage is 3.3V. It applies half-hole footprint for hand-soldering. The module runs MICO, which is the IOT OS System of MXCHIP, and is available for secondary development. The TCP/IP protocols and security encryption algorithm could be applied in various Wi-Fi applications. In addition, several particular firmware are reserved for some typical applications, like UART to Wi-Fi DTU, easylink configuration and services for cloud connecting.

Detailed parameters



One Cortex-M4 microcontroller and one RF chip of 802.11 b/g/n are integrated

Cortex-M4 core at 100MHz

2M bytes on-board SPI flash and 512K bytes on-chip flash

128K bytes RAM

Operation voltage:3.0V~3.6V


22 GPIOs

2 x UARTs,including hardware flow control

1 x SPI/I2S

8 x ADC input channels

1 x I2C

PWM/Timer input/output available on every GPIO pin

SWD debug interface

Wi-Fi connectivity:

802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n (single stream) on channel 1-14@ 2.4GHz


Transmit power:16.5dBm@11b,14.5dBm@11g,13.5dBm@11n

Min receiver sensitivity: -87 dBm

Max data rate:11Mbps@11b,54Mbps@11g,72Mbps@11n HT20

Wi-Fi modes:Station, Soft AP and Wi-Fi direct

Hardware encryption: WEP, WPA/WPA2

On-board PCB antenna/ IPEX connector for external antenna

Operating temperature: -30℃ to +85℃

Selection table:

Hardware architecture:

File Download

EMW3165 Datasheet

Datasheet.pdf 2016-06-03

Application Note

Application Note.pdf 2016-06-03

PCB Package

EMW3165_MODLE protel package.zip 2016-06-20
EMW3165 DXP package.PcbLib 2016-06-20
PCB Package.pdf 2016-06-03
PCB Package.Pcblib 2016-06-03


EMW3165_TELEC.pdf 2016-06-03
EMW3165_CE.pdf 2016-06-03
EMW3165_FCC.pdf 2016-06-03


RF.bin 2016-06-03
Bootloader.bin 2016-06-03
Standard AT.bin 2016-06-03

Firmware Programming

RM0002EN_EMW3165 Firmware Programming Manual V1.0.pdf 2016-06-21

MiCO Firmware Reference Manual

RM1101EN_EMW3165Bootloader Mode Introduction_V1.1.pdf 2016-06-22
RM1021EN_MiCO-AT Firmware Reference Manual V1.0.pdf 2016-06-21

Hardware Manual

RM0003EN_MiCOKit-EMW3165 Reference Manual V1.0.pdf 2016-06-24

Customer case

Canbo kitchen ventilator

Bear humidifier

Supor rice cooker