What is MICO?

The full name of MiCO is Micro-Controller based Internet Connectivity Operating System. The developer can design the innovative and smart products to connect with internet based on MiCO on various micro-controller platforms to realize the H2M and M2M connection.

Real-time Multi-threading RTOS Kernel, Rich Performance

Micro-Controller is different from traditional PC and smart phone platform, with higher integration, quick response, low power and excellent controlling performance, however, its computing capability and resource capacity are a little weaker. MiCO integrated the optimized RTOS kernel to be able to improve the high-efficiency capacity utilization when if the micro-controller’s platform keeps the traditional advantage.

The Versatile Enabler of Micro-Controller Platform

The Processors in Micro-Controller application are diversified of powerful and unique functions widely used in different applications. MiCO supports most of the general platforms such as ST, ATMEL, Freescale, NXP and MICROCHIP, furthermore making the optimization as well to easily allow developer or maker to reshape their products and realize their creative ideas to meet their design preference.

One-stop Solution Conveniently Access to the Internet

The Internet connection of smart hardware implicates more scopes than the current technology concept in the network communication. It will emphasize on more and more user experience on mutual interaction. The integrated solution in MiCO is mostly popular with good mature latency to easily realize the initial and interactive configuration, access to the ultra-fast internet, service tracking, ID authentication, Data security and so on.

The APP Architecture Accelerate your Design Cycle

The APP Architecture in MiCO shows powerful to contain Cloud platform, device communication protocol, such as Alibaba Cloud Service, Apple HomeKit Protocol, the common application example and Mobile APP, all of which can help user accelerate the prototype design, shorten the design cycle and quickly open to market.

High Energy Efficiency Protect Green Environment Eco-system

MiCO usually emphasizes on low-power performance, furthermore develop the advanced DPM (Dynamic Power Management) Technology to optimize the diversity of Micro-Controller, activate self-adaption power management in different application scenario. It is our social responsibility to protect the green environment to guide our IT engineers when MiCO hardware is favorite.

Safe, Stable and Reliable

Compared with the original application software, how to ensure the stability and reliability is necessary for the software OS of smart hardware. As an independent IoT terminal device, it is the key to ensuring the user privacy. MiCO contains the complete network security algorithm and protocol to protect the transmission of data security. Actually, MiCO has been proved to be the stable and reliable operating system within 10 years testing and verification by more than 800 global customers.