What is MICO?

MICO-------Micro controller based Internet Connectivity Operating system. Available for developers to create their own smart designs connecting with internet on series of micro controller to achieve the connection between human and device.

Free RTOS kernel with much more software resources

Free RTOS kernel is applied in MICO. It not only adopts the advantages of normal micro controller with high integration level, fast responding, low power consumption and ample functions, but also provides sufficient software resources and enhances system capacity.

Compatible with series of micro controllers

MICO is available for series of micro controllers which is unmatched in each region with sufficient functions, like ST, ATMEL, FREESCALE, NXP, and MICROCHIP. It frees developers for self-designed applications and self-like platforms on purpose.

One stop solution service for internet connecting

For sake of the interactive experience between smart device and users, rather than normal networking, MICO prefers to provide one stop solution service with simplified network configuration, smart device initializing, fast internet connecting, identity authentication and data security.

Speed up development with advanced application frame

One advanced application developing frame is applied in MICO including the communication protocols with cloud platforms and smart devices. Some typical application demos like Aliyun service, Apple HomeKit service and Mobile APP SDK are already prepared. This frame aims at helping developers designing application, speeding up development and marketing ahead of time.

High-efficiency power management makes for green life

MICO keeps the property of low power consumption in micro controller and the technology of advanced power management additionally. It adapts suitable power consumption way to different application scenarios with the optimization to various micro controllers. It reflects our social responsibility to the green life with smart MICO.

Safe, stable and reliable

Comparing with normal system, OS for smart devices takes more requirements in stability and reliability. In addition, as the terminal of internet, smart device pays more attention on user’s privacy. In order for the safe transmission of data, MICO includes the most integrated security algorithms and protocols. MICO has been proved for the stability and reliability after ten years testing and practical application within more than 800 smart-design companies.