Bravo! Shanghai MXCHIP EMW3081 embedded wireless Wifi module won the "Appliance Core Award"


To encourage and recognize the machine performance to home appliance, technology, function of outstanding contribution to supporting parts, AWE for electrical appliances product core parts especially sets up a special award--- the Chinese electrical appliances  core award. On the afternoon of March 10, the Chinese electrical appliances industry chain and YiPuLan core of prize award ceremony, ultimately expert jury selection of 10 best home appliances parts products. Shanghai celebration EMW3081 embedded wireless wi-fi module in the layers of the selection ball, eventually won the "Chinese home appliance  core award".

EMW3081 is MXCHIP of low power consumption, cost-effective embedded wi-fi module, product testing by SGS, quality meet eu standards. EMW3081 highly integrated ARM - the Cortex M3, WLAN MAC/BB/RF, run Shanghai celebration of independent research and development of MiCO Internet operating system, secondary development support can be configured, the user can use MiCO TCP/IP protocol stack, a variety of security encryption algorithm to achieve a variety of embedded application wi-fi Applications.

Time has come for a home appliance intelligent, good package product but does not see more, around EMW3081 we also provide a series of separate firmware to meet different application scenarios. EMW3081 also equipped with EasyLink patent technology, a key to achieve the industry's most rapid networking; Support of 40 m bandwidth, effectively solve the 2.4 G channel congestion; With ultra-low power consumption, high speed network transmission characteristics.

As an Internet solutions provider, MXCHIP the core advantage lies in 2014 has launched the world's first money MiCO network operating system. MiCO realized with module as the carrier, software and services as the core technology to upgrade. After many years of industry experience and technology precipitation, Shanghai celebration will develop in a variety of commonly used middleware encapsulation, integrate various services agreement between the client and cloud, defined as MiCO operating system. When development is no longer restricted by hardware form, manufacturers can focus on the essential function of the product research and development, rather than spending too much energy on the embedded at the bottom. So for many not familiar with embedded development and deployment of the cloud bottom hardware vendors, not only shortens the development time is more economical development cost, able to quickly implement the intelligent of the products and listed.

2016 the Chinese electrical appliances industry chain assembly (hereinafter referred to as the convention) sponsored by the China association of household electrical appliances, electrical magazine, kerry center hotel in the pudong new area in Shanghai held three grand ballroom. This conference to "smart upgrade, reshape the industry chain" as the theme, attracted numerous excellent machine manufacturers and participation in the upstream parts business, industry chain upstream and downstream enterprise high-level, the expert inside course of study will use this platform to discuss industry faces opportunities, analysis of industry development trend, the plan for industrial upgrading paths. China's household electrical appliances association secretary-general zhu on behalf of the organizers of the delivered a speech at the conference. Deputy director general of department of industry and information technology, consumer goods industry Wang Minyan, the ministry of foreign cooperation center zhi-feng zhong, industry online general manager Yang jie important guests attended and made a speech at the meeting.

The AWE, MXCHIP not only has EMW3081 but also introduced the MiCO integrated voice algorithms, scenario-based linkage, 5 g wi-fi technology, sports health, ali, little wisdom and industry solutions in the kitchen.