Jack Ma's HuPan University Classes begin again.Which master already join them?


Today, the HuPan university from more than 1800 entrepreneurs accepted 40 students, among them, 18 students has more than 10 years experience in business, seven have study abroad experience, eight is a listed company, 12 revenue of 500 million yuan.
The second class is one of the most high-profile business tycoons. the grandson of the Huoying tung group vice President HuoQiWen, and 58 city, President and CEO Yao Jinbo, the intelligent hardware circle we also see a lot of acquaintances, iflytek co-founder Hu Yu, founder of the Ucloud JiXin China, and MXCHIP  CEO Wang Yonghong.

In late March 2016, HuPan university held the opening ceremony the second phase of the students, the list will be a total of 40, a new generation of entrepreneurs face the headmaster "horse" entrepreneurial guidance, close to listen to shi yuzhu, well-known entrepreneurs such as Mr Guo entrepreneurial experience.

In early 2015, Mr. Ma announced the formation of HuPan university and personally served as the first President. From Qinzhi;Wanglifen;Wangxiaofei;Muyan lineup for interview. On January 26, 2015, university of lake of the 150 people from signing up the first batch of 30 interview participants.

Compared to the first class of "luxury lineup," the second class company in more diverse, from the Internet, electricity, cloud computing, the cultural entertainment, real estate, manufacturing industry, catering industry, medicine, health, high-tech industry, such as more focus for the future of the industry.

Lake in the university is a school for entrepreneurs, unlike regular business, MBA, here not teach methods of success, but rather learning how to fail.

Opening ceremony on the first principal university.Mr.Ma used said that entrepreneurs are in need of talent, if found to take the time to training, grinding, "a person living on the battlefield is the winner, the people who can surviving is a winner.

MXCHIP from 2004 since its establishment has experienced a difficult start-up team, is the face of temptation and pain of each decision, let us go today. Today, we focus on doing behind the intelligent hardware connection, on the tuyere of the Internet of things, carry the dream forward. And the HuPan university with similar values, maybe this one of the reason MXCHIP can be one memeber of the class. said by Wangyonghong.CEO of MXCHIP.

In late March 2016, will hold the second phase of the lake in the university student the opening ceremony, the first phase of the 36 students will attend in a senior capacity. In the future, two students in class at the same time, there will be what kind of interaction and spark collision? Intelligent hardware circle of people in the three years of study will be for how industry infuse new power? Very excited to looking forward to it.